Police seize 100 litres of cider from underage drinkers in Corby woods

Police have revealed that 100 litres of cider and eight litres of vodka were confiscated from underage drinkers in woods in Corby.

Officers received information that young people intended getting drunk before attending Stevens fun fair which was visiting the town.

The teenagers were discovered with the alcohol in Thoroughsale Woods.

A police spokesman said it is believed proxy sales were made and they are warning adults they could receive an £80 fixed penalty fine for buying alcohol for people who are under age.

Officers will be carrying out follow up visits to the young people involved and will discuss the issues with their parents.

Insp Gary Williams, of Corby Police, said: “Our staff worked successfully in partnership with Corby Council wardens to patrol areas where youths were congregating and recovered these huge amounts of alcohol, which worryingly could well have been drunk by under age persons, making them both more likely to get involved in crime or anti-social behaviour or become a victim.

“We suspect that adults are responsible for buying this alcohol and passing it on to the young people.

“We will continue to focus on identifying and catching those responsible and they could receive an £80 fixed penalty.

“Their behaviour is irresponsible and can be a catalyst for young people getting involved in violent crime. I am determined to reduce violent crime in Corby and we need community support in changing behaviours and culture, both now and in the future.”

The alcohol was confiscated on Friday, May 25, and police said the fair passed off without any anti-social incidents.

Leader of Corby Council, Tom Beattie, said: “We take the issue of underage alcohol consumption seriously and by working in partnership with the police I’m pleased that the results were positive and the crackdown went well.

“Hopefully through more partnership work and handing out fines to those who serve alcohol to youths we will carry on seeing a decrease in young people putting themselves in danger by drinking on the streets.”