Police say no theme to road deaths rise

Burton Latimer, Cranford Road junction with A6:'10/06/12
Burton Latimer, Cranford Road junction with A6:'10/06/12

Police say the rise in the number of serious accidents and deaths on county roads is not caused by any common theme.

Nineteen people have died on county roads this year, following the death of a 60-year-old man on the A6 near Burton Latimer on Sunday night.

In total 19 deaths were recorded on Northamptonshire’s roads during the whole of 2011.

The driver of a blue BMW, who was from Ely in Cambridgeshire, failed to negotiate a roundabout on the Burton Latimer bypass and he was thrown from the vehicle, suffering fatal injuries.

No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the collision.

A lorry driver was also killed just outside the county at the Catthorpe Interchange following a collision involving two HGVs on Monday, June 11.

Northamptonshire County Council pulled out of the county’s casualty reduction partnership last April, prompting police to turn off speed cameras.

Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said: “Tragically, 19 people have now lost their lives on our roads this year and our thoughts, as always, are with those who have lost loved ones.

“Our investigations to date have not revealed any common themes between these collisions. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of prevention. Every motorist has a responsibility to do as much as they can to prevent themselves becoming another road death statistic.

“Simple things such as wearing a seatbelt and not being distracted while at the wheel by a mobile phone or radio, are absolutely key to staying safe on our roads.

“As is remembering the speed limit is not a target and that during adverse weather conditions a slower speed will often be more appropriate. All journeys must be driven appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions. 

“We are planning to increase the focus on our Fatal Four campaign which looks at the use of mobile phones when driving, drink driving, seatbelts and speeding. We will also continue to work with our partners to ensure the roads are as safe as possible and would urge everyone who uses the roads, be they pedestrian, passenger, driver or rider, to think road safety at all times.”

Don Peile, 71, of Tudor Way, Wellingborough, said: “I am not surprised that there have been 19 deaths on the roads already this year because of the standard of driving.

“I have been driving since 1986 and the two things which really annoy me now is that I think about 50 per cent of drivers don’t indicate and the other is drivers using mobile phones.

“I have had to swerve twice because of people driving vans while using a mobile phone. The punishment should be doubled.”

Anyone with information about the accident on the A6 should call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615.