Police pledge a zero-toleration approach to rowdy football fans

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The county’s police force will will adopt a no-nonsense approach to drunken and rowdy football fans watching the England game on Friday night.

Hundreds of fans are expected to descend on town centre pubs on Friday night to watch their team take on Ukraine in the second Euro 2012 Group Stage match.

Those suspected of committing crime and anti-social behaviour will be arrested, and Northamptonshire Police also have powers to move people out of town for 48 hours.

Chief Superintendent Simon Blatchly, who is leading the local policing operation around Euro 2012, said: “If you cheer your team on and behave in a way that enables everyone watching you with you to enter into the festival spirit, you won’t hear from my officers.

“However, if you become abusive and hostile and commit crimes or anti-social behaviour, then we will come down on you very hard indeed.

“We have several powers available to us to deal with those who step out of line and we will not tolerate drunks misbehaving or spoiling for a fight in our town centres.”

Police will use powers under Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 to move problematic revellers out of town,

A Section 27 order gives officers the power to direct someone to leave a geographical area for up to 48 hours and any breach will result in arrest and prosecution.

Officers will be monitoring people arriving in town to check whether or not they have already had too much to drink, and have encourage fans not to drink and drive.