Police officer injured while he arrested a drunken offender

A police officer was injured while trying to arrest Mackinnon
A police officer was injured while trying to arrest Mackinnon

A police officer was elbowed in the face and pinned to a car while trying to arrest a drunken man.

Liam Mackinnon, 25, appeared at Corby Magistrates Court to explain his actions on the night out in the Old Village on December 16 last year.

Magistrates heard how he had drunk seven pints of beer in pubs, as well as several cans before he left home. He heard an acquaintance insult his girlfriend so confronted him.

He left the pub and police spotted him struggling with door staff and went to help.

But Mackinnon of Counts Farm Road, Corby, ran off towards Kwik Fit. He was sprayed with pava spray and PC Joseph Addis-Philips managed to catch him but Mackinnon elbowed him in the face.

He then resisted being taken to the police van and PC Addis-Philips ended up being pinned between the defendant and a car bonnet. He suffered a hyperextension injury to his back.

The court heard how Mackinnon had also been given a community order for an offence of actual bodily harm in 2010, but had breached that order last year.

Mitigating, Julian Vasssaid that although Mackinnon had originally denied assaulting the police officer, he had admitted the offence on the day a trial was due to take place last month.

Mr Vass said: “He makes no excuses for this offence, he knows it was wrong.

“He was struggling and disorientated because of the pava spray. He didn’t attempt to cause harm to the officer.”

Probation officer Dominic Donoghue told the court he was confident that Mackinnon was aware of the fear he caused to other members of the public, and to his own girlfriend, who was very shaken by the incident.

Mr Donoghue said: “In the past he used to drink quite heavily but he rarely goes out and socialises in this way now.

“He’s concerned about the impact on his family and he’s upset about the bad name he has got for them.”

Mackinnon was given a 12-week curfew order and will be fitted with a tag which bans him from leaving home between 7pm and 7am. He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to PC Addis-Philips as well as court costs.