Police investigating claims of election-related crimes in Kettering and Wellingborough

Police are investigating a number ofallegations of election-related crimes
Police are investigating a number ofallegations of election-related crimes

Police are investigating a number of allegations of election-related crime.

Northamptonshire Police has confirmed that it is looking into several reports of crimes related to the forthcoming election.

These include a death threat allegedly being made to the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden Richard Garvie earlier this week.

Mr Garvie said he was the victim of a death threat from a caller claiming to be a Conservative supporter.

He said: “We are all standing in this election for our own reasons as to why we think we are the best candidate for the job.

“None of the candidates deserve to live in any kind of fear from abuse, and I’d hope that this person in question is disowned by the party of which they claim to be a member of.”

Officers from the county force are also looking into two alleged incidents concerning the UKIP campaign.

Jonathan Munday, UKIP parliamentary candidate for the Wellingborough and Rushden area, made a complaint to police after reports of bogus UKIP leaflets being handed out outside the Swansgate shopping centre in Wellingborough last Saturday.

Mr Munday claims the bogus leaflets had been based on his original leaflet but amended to contain false and misleading statements about the party.

He said: “It is very unfortunate that this election appears to be getting very dirty.”

Police are also looking into reports of UKIP posters on private property in Station Road, Burton Latimer, being defaced with Conservative slogans.

Jonathan Bullock, UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Kettering, said: “This shows how desperate our opponents are in stopping our message getting through to the electorate.”

A police spokesman confirmed they were investigating each of these cases.