Police hunt person behind bomb hoax

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Police officers are appealing for information after bomb disposal experts had to carry out a controlled explosion of a suspicious item.

The item, which had been made to look like a bomb, was found at a house in Cecil Street, Rothwell, before being taken to an address in nearby Spencer Street, as reported in yesterday’s Evening Telegraph.

It contained a number of multi-coloured wires connected to a battery and was destroyed on Sunday.

The woman whose house it had been left outside, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I’ve lived in Rothwell for 19 years and I’ve never had any trouble before.

“When it hit me that it could be a bomb I felt ill.

“I haven’t got a clue who would do this, I don’t know who could do such a thing.

“If it was supposed to be a joke it wasn’t a funny one.”

She said at first she did not think anything of the item, which had been left leaning against her front door.

But when her partner saw it he immediately took it away to keep her safe, placing it in his own garden before calling the police.

He said: “It looked like a stick of plastic with a nine-volt battery attached and wires at each end.

“It looked like the real deal but we still haven’t been told whether it was or not.”

The couple had been relaxing in the sun and saw the device after leaving the house to go to the shop.

The man added: “I went out to get beer but came back with a bomb.”

A 100-metre cordon was put in place by officers on Sunday and many people were unable to return to or leave home for several hours.

The suspicious item was detonated by bomb disposal experts from RAF Wittering.

Officers want to hear from anybody who knows anything about an item matching the description or how it came to be in Cecil Street.

People can call county police on 101 or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.