Police, fire and council in Corby show their support for campaign to cut road deaths

The event in Willow Place today
The event in Willow Place today

People are being urged to show their support for a campaign to cut the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

Corby Council’s neighbourhood management and the neighbourhood policing team are joining forces today (Thursday) to support the Project Edward pledge of reducing the number of fatalities and seriously injured on Europe’s roads.

Youngsters at Weldon School are supporting the initiative

Youngsters at Weldon School are supporting the initiative

Project Edward is a European road safety campaign overseen by Tispol (European Traffic Network).

It involves the public sign-up to a road safety pledge, encouraging the public to think about improving one aspect of their driving behaviour.

There is also a campaign message of achieving zero fatalities for the day.

A public photo booth was in Willow Place today to get the message out to people about safer driving, as well as encouraging them to sign up to the pledge.

Race Club Karting are also supporting the initiative

Race Club Karting are also supporting the initiative

The campaign is being supported by local business the Race Club Karting UK and youngsters from Weldon School.

All participants who volunteer to make a pledge will be entered into a prize draw to win a £30 go karting voucher at their facility on Commercial Road, Corby.

Corby Council’s deputy leader, Cllr Jean Addison, said: “As winter and Christmas approaches attitudes to driving can become complacent and we hope that this campaign brings a clear safety message to the forefront of all drivers’ minds. “Campaigns like these are vital to ensure we remind ourselves to be responsible road users at all times and what the consequences can be if we are not.

“We’d like to thank all partners, including Willow Place Town Centre Management for their involvement and support.”

Suzanne Preston, rural pride officer for Corby Council, said: “This campaign forms part of our joint yearly road safety programme with Northamptonshire Police and is a fantastic way of encouraging us all to reflect on our behaviour when driving and what we can improve on.”

PC Brad Wilson said: “Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Corby will be working with Corby Borough Council to provide help and advice to members of the public promoting the important road safety messages surrounding the fatal four of seatbelts, mobile phones, speeding and drink driving.

“We encourage people to come and speak to us at this event.”

The event supports a countywide programme being delivered by the County Safer roads Team.

The campaign is part of a series of initiatives to contribute towards a European target of reducing fatalities and serious injuries by 50 per cent by 2020.