Police figures suggest crime has fallen in each part of Northamptonshire

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Crime is down in all areas of the county, according to a break-down of recorded crime figures supplied by Northamptonshire Police.

In the north of the county, Kettering saw the greatest fall in the 12 months to the end of March compared to the previous year.

There were 813 fewer offences in the Kettering area, a drop of 12.6 per cent since 2012-13.

In Wellingborough, crime was down by 11.5 per cent, with reductions of just over eight per cent in both East Northants and Corby.

Yesterday (Wednesday, April 16), police chiefs welcomed the fall in crime across Northamptonshire as a whole.

Corby Commander Insp Carl Sturman said his team was very pleased with the figures.

He said: “There have been almost 400 fewer victims of crime in the last year due to the hard work of all the people involved with policing and delivering joined-up services to make Corby a safer and pleasant place to live, work or visit.

“Work continues to build on the successes and these figures show a crime and anti-social behaviour decrease in Corby close to 50 per cent over the past eight years.”

His counterpart in East Northants, Insp Inam Khan, added: “Despite a challenging year we have seen some really good reductions in overall crime, including areas such as criminal damage, where we have had increases in the past.

“We have seen a sharp increase in the number of sexual offences reported to us which is down to a combination of a high number of historic reports made to us and a two-month period where we had an increase in indecent exposures in the district.

“We will be conducting proactive operations this year in a bid to prevent further incidents from taking place.

“Our main areas of focus over the coming months will be burglary, theft from motor vehicles and violence, which is predominantly domestic related at this time.”

In Wellingborough, Insp Pauline Sturman said: “All crime has reduced by 11.5 per cent, meaning there have been 632 fewer victims of crime in Wellingborough in the last 12 months.

“We will continue to utilise a range of tactics to maintain and build upon the excellent crime reduction results already achieved.”

Meanwhile, Kettering Commander Insp Richard Tall has encouraged people to do all they can to avoid falling victim to burglars.

He said: “Our message is clear, we will do all we can to continue to investigate crime. However, we ask for the public’s help in making sure they close and lock their doors and windows.

“Burglars are opportunistic and if they come across a door or even a window that’s been left unlocked, it’s an easy target for them.”

Detailed breakdown of the figures:


Total: 4,336 crimes recorded between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014 (down 386 since 2012-13)

Violence – 942 (down 38)

Other sexual offences – 60 (up eight)

Residential burglary – 169 (down 48)

Robbery – 36 (down six)

Vehicle crime – 268 (down 68)

Criminal damage – 863 (up eight)

Drug possession – 146 (down five)

Drug trafficking – 38 (up six)


Total: 5,648 (down 813)

Violence – 1,140 (down 65)

Other sexual offences – 61 (down 13)

Residential burglary – 392 (down 78)

Robbery – 64 (up nine)

Vehicle crime – 496 (down 80)

Criminal damage – 998 (down 138)

Drug possession – 170 (down 22)

Drug trafficking – 57 (up 11)

East Northants

Total: 3408 (down 318)

Violence – 576 (up 26)

Other sexual offences – 55 (up 31)

Residential burglary – 226 (down seven)

Robbery – 26 (up two)

Vehicle crime – 488 (down three)

Criminal damage – 662 (down 113)

Drug possession – 113 (down three)

Drug trafficking – 40 (up eight)


Total: 4,852 (down 632)

Violence – 711 (down 137)

Other sexual offences – 28 (down 35)

Residential burglary – 305 (down 104)

Robbery – 79 (down four)

Vehicle crime – 579 (up 16)

Criminal damage – 863 (up 109)

Drug possession – 155 (down four)

Drug trafficking – 25 (down 11)