Police draw up list of their 15 top suspects

POLICE in East Northamptonshire have drawn up a hit list of 15 people who officers want to target and put behind bars.

Officers in the area drew up a similar list and experienced success in ensuring the targets were locked up.

East Northamptonshire police sector commander Inspector Vaughan Clarke said: “It’s a refresh of what we did last year, we did a list of 15 names and the aim was to get them into prison. As it stands at the moment, most of them are still there.

“We have now got another list of 15 people we believe are involved in crime and the aim is to get them to join them.

“I think anybody that’s involved in criminality currently ought to be looking over their shoulder because we will be looking at them.”

Mr Clarke said officers in East Northamptonshire had put “a significant number” of local offenders into prison in the past year and the aim was to build on this with the focus on the 15 new names, unless these people stopped breaking the law.

The new list comes as new crime figures have been released which show that recorded crime levels in East Northamptonshire are again at a record low.

In 2011-2012 house burglaries in the district fell by 20 per cent and robbery fell by six per cent.

There were 61 fewer vehicles stolen – a fall of 47 per cent – and serious sexual offences fell by 20 per cent.

Anti-social behaviour incidents fell by 17 per cent but there was a small increase in the number of assaults, up four per cent, and incidents of theft from vehicles also went up by four per cent.

Mr Clarke said he was pleased with the latest crime figures for East Northamptonshire, as the numbers are lower than the previous year, which in itself was a record year.

He said: “East Northamptonshire continues to be the place where increasingly people would like to live, with an improving quality of life and I will continue to deliver excellent policing services and to make life hard for that small minority, within the community, that commit crime.”

Mr Clarke said East Northamptonshire also boasted the lowest number of victims of serious acquisitive crimes – burglary, robbery and vehicle crime – per 1,000 members of the population in the county at just 1.853.

He said: “That is the lowest of any sector in the county, historically that position has always been occupied by Daventry and South Northamptonshire and in the last 12 months we have overtaken them, which is great for East Northamptonshire.”