Police crackdown on street drinking in Corby

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Police in Corby confiscated more than 20 cans and bottles of alcohol over the weekend as part of a crackdown on street drinking in the town.

Officers also gave out three direction to leave notices, asking people to leave an area and not return within 48 hours.

Corby town centre, Coronation Park and the boating lake area are all subject to Designated Public Places Orders (DPPO), which means police officers and PCSOs have the power to confiscate alcohol from anyone who has been or intends to drink alcohol in a public place, when its consumption is associated with anti-social behaviour.

Safer community team officer, PC Rod MacKenzie, said: “We are carrying out regular operations to enforce the DPPO and officers will confiscate alcohol from anyone found drinking in the street and behaving in an anti-social manner. Where appropriate, we will also use our powers to direct them to leave the area and not return for up to 48 hours.

“People who persistently behave in an anti-social way and cause problems in the town run the risk of being subject to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) or other sanctions, and we will be working with colleagues at Corby Council to monitor behaviour and gather evidence. Support is available for anyone who needs it and we will signpost people to the relevant services.

“I would also encourage people to call police on 101 if they see anyone drinking alcohol in the street or if they witness any other type of anti-social behaviour in and around Corby town centre.”