Police crackdown on drivers breaking the law

Dozens of motorists stopped by police during an eight-week operation were found to be breaking the law.

Operation Guardian tactics were used by the team of officers, with a focus on reducing incidents of violence and anti-social behaviour by directing patrols where most needed, stopping vehicles, identifying suspicious activity, checking documentation and promoting road safety.

The following results were achieved:

336 vehicles stopped - 40 of which were Private Hire or Hackney carriages.

358 offences were detected.

37 vehicles were seized.

41 breath tests were carried out, 9 of which were positive.

Stop Search powers were used on 19 occasions.

160 offences were detected relating to driver standards (Speeding / contravention of Traffic Orders/ No Seat Belts/ Using a mobile phone).

108 document offences were recorded, 37 of no insurance.

64 offences were detected relating to vehicles being unfit for use due to inappropriate construction or lighting.

Officers engaged on the operation utilised a variety of disposal methods including 14 arrests, reporting 22 drivers to court and issuing 62 tickets.