Police commissioner: Move troubled families away

Police commissioner Adam Simmonds
Police commissioner Adam Simmonds
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Northamptonshire’s police commissioner says troubled families should be moved out of their communities to try to drive down crime.

Adam Simmonds believes more should be done to confront problem families, which he says are responsible for a disproportionately large amount of crime.

He said: “Where there are families in that cycle we should say we are not going to tolerate it.

“These people need help, not just more and more prison time.”

He said he wanted to offer frequent offenders a programme which would include education, training and treatment for addictions.

Following reports in the national media that he advocated the use of military-style boot camps, Mr Simmonds said he was not sure where the families should be sent.

He added: “There are 10 families in Kettering which cause the most grief.

“We need to look again at what we do.

“Unless we take the people out of the community they are rampaging through, we don’t really have their attention.”

Labour member of the police commissioner’s panel, Cllr Mary Butcher, said it would be better to invest in existing organisations which help troubled families.

She said: “Moving them from one area to another only causes more disruption.

“All you are doing is moving the problem.”