Police called as saboteurs try to disrupt hunt near Kettering

Saboteurs follow the hunt
Saboteurs follow the hunt

Police were called to an area of land near Kettering on Saturday (March 19) as saboteurs tried to prevent hunters from taking part in the Woodland Pytchley Hunt.

Police attended Drayton House in Lowick and surrounding areas as the Northants Hunt Saboteurs followed hunters.

Reports suggested that a saboteur was assaulted but a spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said they had received no complaints.

The spokesman said: “We had a lot of concerned people because the saboteurs were going across private and public land chasing the hunt and getting ahead of them.

“We have had no reports of assault although we were told that someone fell to the ground.

“They spoke to officers at the scene but then drove off.

“We are reminding people that if they feel they have been a victim of crime then they should call it in.”