Police called after car loses control in Wellingborough town centre

Police were called after a car narrowly missed hitting any other vehicles parked outside a pub in Wellingborough.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 11:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 3:48 pm
The incident happened just outside the Golden Lion pub in Wellingborough

The car was seen to swerve across Sheep Street in Wellingborough just after 10pm last night (Tuesday), but luckily it came to a stop before colliding with anything outside the Golden Lion pub.

A number of passers-by who saw the incident ran over, including some people who had been at the council meeting at Swanspool House opposite, to check no-one was hurt and to see if they could help.

A police spokesman confirmed they had been called to Sheep Street to ensure the car was not causing an obstruction in the road.

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They said it is thought the car’s wheel may have buckled, which led to it swerving out of control.

The spokesman added: “The car had been moved to the side of the road and was being recovered by the owner this morning.”