Police arrest 100 people in drink-driving crackdown

More than 100 people were arrested in June as part of a police crackdown on drink-driving.

The figure is up slightly from 95 in June 2012, the force has confirmed.

SC Tom Fowkes and PC James Condon conduct a drink-driving checkpoint in Victoria Street, Kettering

SC Tom Fowkes and PC James Condon conduct a drink-driving checkpoint in Victoria Street, Kettering

But head of force operations Supt Andy Cox said: “Frankly, that figure is 104 too many.

“Some of those arrests were made in the morning, as one of our focuses this year was educating drivers that you can still be over the limit the morning after the night before.

“Motorists have to think every time they get into their car, ‘Can I safely drive?’”

PC James Condon, whom the Telegraph joined for a patrol of the Kettering area last week, said the police got a lot of public backing for their drink-driving campaign. He said: “Local people are very positive about it.”

Police have targeted roads which have seen a high number of collisions, including the A6 between Finedon and Burton Latimer.

They are also setting up checkpoints in and around the town centre to try and dissuade people from getting behind the wheel after they have had a drink.

PC Condon added: “The most I’ve had at the roadside is 151 and the legal limit is 35.

“I have done this job for nearly eight years and you get to the point where you know what people will blow, but you can be surprised.”

PC Condon said police were also conscious of showing their presence in the smaller towns and villages around Kettering, adding: “Some people have got this mentality that police won’t come out in the villages, so they will chance it.”

New booze harm team

Northants Police have launched a new specialised team in the bid to tackle alcohol-related crime.

Top officers in the force have said the new team will “robustly” tackle alcohol-related crime, particularly focusing on violent crime.

Chief Inspector Dave Spencer said he hopes the actions of the team will cause a “ripple” effect and help reduce booze-fuelled crime across the county.

The alcohol harm reduction team will also consider enforcing Drink Banning Orders (DBOs) in the county, which are similar to ASBOs.

The DBOs can involve banning people from buying alcohol and entering licensed and off-licence premises in a certain area at specified times.

Northants Police can ask magistrates to add the DBOs to sentences of criminals whose offences are fuelled by alcohol.

The team will join forces with Trading Standards and target problems related to the sale of alcohol in licensed premises and off-licences.