Police are all geared up for the Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso at Silverstone
Fernando Alonso at Silverstone

THE British Grand Prix at Silverstone is traditionally a low-crime event – but the police won’t be resting on their laurels.

Criminal killjoys are once again expected to target motorsport enthusiasts who leave valuables insecure and unattended.

Plain-clothes detectives will be working alongside uniformed officers to deter criminals from spoiling the enjoyment of others.

A dedicated crime operation for the event will closely monitor the campsites around the circuit, which will be packed out for the showpiece Formula 1 event.

With bad weather forecast for the duration of the Grand Prix meeting, police are urging visitors to use common sense when driving on and off camp sites.

And they are also advising vigilance against thieves who prowl around the campsites when the big races are on, looking for easy pickings.

Detective Inspector Stuart Hitchon is again leading the crime operation at the Grand Prix.

He said: “If you consider that more than 200,000 will be at Silverstone from Friday to Sunday, the number of crimes and incidents recorded at the event is extremely low given that the attendance is roughly the same size as the population of Northampton.

“But we do get visitors who aren’t interested in the motor racing, they are more interested in making a quick buck from those they can catch off guard.

“My officers will be working hard to prevent and deter crime but visitors can play a big part in helping themselves to deny the opportunist thief.

“The key crime prevention message is to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

“Don’t bring unnecessary valuables with you and keep a close eye on cameras, wallets and phones and make sure you know where they are at all times.

“Keep your wits about you. Valuables should never be left in areas where they may serve as a temptation to thieves.”

Visitors who need to report crimes or who have any concerns are encouraged to visit the police station, which will be situated close to the circuit’s main entrance.

@northantspolice will be on Facebook and also tweeting update information over the Grand Prix weekend and will be using #silverstone.