Police appeal over men who approached children in Corby

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Two children have been approached by men in cars in two separate suspicious incidents in Corby.

Officers have urged residents to call the police if they are approached by the drivers of two distinctive green cars which have been seen in the town.

On July 26, officers received a report that a young girl had been approached by two men in a green car while she was out walking her dog close to the triangle car park in Corby.

It is believed the car may have been an old Citroen Picasso and the driver was a black man in his late thirties with dreadlocks and a Jamaican accent. His passenger was a bald, white man with an untidy beard, who was also in his late thirties.

On August 26, the driver of another green car approached a young boy in Torskey Close, Corby and pulled at the back wheel of his bicycle. The driver was wearing a black scarf around his neck and the car was a three door, sporty vehicle, possibly a Ford Focus RS.

Fortunately in both cases, the children refused to speak to the drivers and ran away from the scene.

Officers investigating the two cases do not believe they are linked but they have asked anyone who is approached by the drivers of either a green old style Citroen Picasso or a green Ford Focus RS with blacked out windows and a black spoiler to contact the police.

Anyone with information about either of these incidents can call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.