Police and council tackling the yobs

Figures released by Corby Council’s community safety partnership show 72 per cent of residents in the borough feel the authority and the police are successfully tackling anti-social behaviour.

The figure is the highest in the county and follows 12 months of initiatives by the partnership aimed at making residents feel safer.

A police spokesman said: “We work closely with our partners in Corby to make the town a better and safer place to live and work.

“It is pleasing to see that more than two out of three residents believe we are doing a good job.”

Recent initiatives by the partnership included visits to licensed premises in the borough when advice and guidance was given on fake identity cards.

Drug wipes, which turn blue when traces of cocaine are detected, were also handed out to landlords and environmental work was carried out on the Danesholme estate, Corby, to shut down drinking dens.

Seven guardcams – CCTV cameras fitted with security floodlights – were given to victims of anti-social behaviour and hate crime to help them feel safer and gather evidence. The rural safer community team has also been tackling traffic and litter problems in villages in the borough.