Police aim to stop the violence in town centre

People on a night out in Northampton town centre this weekend will be presented with the stark realities about the potential consequences of getting involved in violence.

As part of the force’s focus on clamping down on violent crime, officers from the Violence Reduction Team will be engaging with revellers on board the Mobile Police Station to encourage people to drink and behave responsibly and safely.

The mobile police station will be parked on Abington Street on Saturday, June 2, between 8pm and midnight.

Officers will be using a number of methods to get people thinking about their behaviour, how much alcohol they are consuming and the potential serious consequences of their actions.

Films will be shown including the ‘One Punch One Life’ footage which highlights how a single punch tragically killed a man from Wellingborough in 2010.

In the last five years, there have been 32 deaths in this county as result of violence. Hundreds more lives have been devastated as a result.

Operation Nightsafe Sergeant Mark Worthington said: “We are fortunate that the majority of people who live in and visit Northamptonshire act in a responsible manner, however we all know there are those who choose to spoil it for others.

“Alcohol is often related with offences involving violence, whether it is a person who loses their inhibitions and sense of perspective meaning they become more aggressive, or whether it is a person becoming more vulnerable and at greater risk of becoming a victim of crime.”

Water bottles, mints, alcotops and literature will be distributed which display some important safety messages.