Pods helping students at Rothwell school prepare for their GCSEs

Students at Montsaye Academy have been making good use of the pods
Students at Montsaye Academy have been making good use of the pods

Pupils are making good use of a revision tool which they hope will help them get top grades this summer.

Year 11 students at Montsaye Academy are working hard for their GCSE exams and recent figures offer an insight into how much revision they have been doing.

The school in Rothwell subscribes to GCSEPod, a series of learning and revision videos called pods which students can access on their phones, tablets and PCs.

This term, students have watched 2,130 more pods during the exam revision period than they did during the same period last year.

Marc Jordan, assistant principal at Montsaye Academy, said: “We are always looking for opportunities to support our students reaching their full potential.

“GCSEPod has provided just this opportunity for our students and especially those preparing for their GCSE examinations as it provides a great platform for the students to revise by reviewing and checking their understanding of different topics.

“Staff have engaged with the process by sending playlists to students to use in preparation for class assessments or trial examinations.

“Our Year 11s have engaged particularly well with GCSEPod with competitions being run for overall streaming and downloads and I am sure that their hard work will help them to be successful this summer.”

GCSEPod is used in secondary schools across the UK.

The data GCSEPod has gathered from these schools reveals some interesting findings about the revision habits of this year’s Year 11 students.

It is hoped it may help students, parents and teachers to plan homework and revision sessions more effectively.

Monday evenings seem to be the prime time for homework and revision, with students streaming and downloading the largest amount of pods on a Monday.

The amount of time spent using GCSEPod then slowly declines throughout the week, with usage in schools completely dropping away by Friday.

Usage then sharply rises on Sunday, with some of the highest reported usage coming between the middle of a Sunday afternoon until early evening.

GCSEPod content is used in schools up and down the country, both as a classroom teaching and homework resource, as well as an independent revision tool which students can access on their phones and mobile devices.

Written by teachers, the content is available for use across all of the UK’s main examination boards.