Pledge to boost number male nursery workers in Northamptonshire

The Co-operative Childcare nursery in Thrapston
The Co-operative Childcare nursery in Thrapston

A childcare provider has pledged to boost the number of male nursery workers in Northamptonshire.

The Co-operative Childcare, which has a nursery in Thrapston, says it has launched its “Real Men Work In Childcare” campaign to change misguided perceptions about men in the industry.

Nationwide, just two per cent of childcare practitioners are me, and the Co-operative Childcare has set a target of increasing that proportion to 10 per cent, with at least one male in each of its nurseries.

The provider says research showing that children benefit from having a male role model in their early years at nursery but that there are negative perceptions of men who choose to work in the profession.

Mike Abbott, general group manager at the Co-operative Childcare, said: “Gender stereotypes in childcare are holding some men in Northamptonshire back from what could be the perfect career path for them where they can positively influence our next generation. Children need to be around both male and female adults to develop their core skills, become well rounded young people and continue to flourish.

“We are determined to make a marked difference to the male to female ratio in our nurseries in the region by leading the way in challenging these preconceptions that are damaging the industry and championing that ‘real men’ really do work in childcare.”