Please give us our buses back

Kettering, Stagecoach X4 bus at the bus stop on Eskdaill St 'Friday, 09 September 2011
Kettering, Stagecoach X4 bus at the bus stop on Eskdaill St 'Friday, 09 September 2011

I and many others would like to know why the council changed the No 5/No 5A buses because the bus they have put in its place is no good, which is No 2.

The people in Corby Old Village are very angry and so are the people who use both buses – 5/5A – which go to the Railway Station, which is wrong.

People who come off the trains don’t have a bus to take them home, and people who want to go to the station to catch holiday buses have no buses to get them from where they stay to the station.

I would like to put this to the council and Stagecoach; we fought with Phil Hope for this station for years and now we have it we want to use it, so why take the buses away from it?

Why have a station when we can’t get to it?

I think you should think about this. Corby people want their buses back the way they were. So I and lots more of Corby people want it back.

There was a day when a lady from the old village waited for the bus with her trolley and was told she couldn’t get on with her trolley, which carries her oxygen. She was told to get the next bus. I thought that was bad, it was a double-decker, which is no good to people with buggies, wheelchairs and trolleys so you tell me, does that not tell you something?

We can’t even get a bus to the Diagnostic Centre, can’t use our bus passes until 9.30am, so if we get an appointment at 8.30am, we can’t use our passes, which is wrong.

They say they need the buses for people going to work.

I think that’s bad, so we are the ones that suffer, not the council or Stagecoach.

I think you should just put our buses back to the way they were, or you may be sorry as people will just not use them at all. So give us the transport back that we deserve.

Mary Dunn and all who travel on the 5/5A buses

Kelvin Grove,