Pleas for work to potholed shortcut

The B569 Station Road between Irchester and Rushden
The B569 Station Road between Irchester and Rushden

COMPLAINTS have been made about a busy road which is used as a shortcut between two towns.

The B569 Station Road between Irchester and Rushden is littered with patches and potholes.

Irchester councillor Tim Maguire said the road is a busy cut-through which can become overloaded with traffic when there are delays on the A45. At a recent Wellingborough Council meeting he said the road would become busier if the Rushden Lakes shopping park was built at Skew Bridge.

He said: “If Rushden Lakes goes ahead there will be a lot of people from Wollaston coming through Irchester and using Station Road to get to it because they will want to use the quickest way.

“About 10 years ago I did a traffic survey, and at peak times more than 1,200 cars were using the road each hour.”

Cllr Maguire said he will inspect the road and report any faults to the Highways Agency.

Local people fear a motorcyclist could be killed if they drove into one of the gaping holes in the road.

A county Council spokesman said work had been done to tackle potholes.

The spokesman said: “We’ve been putting extra money into repairing roads and pioneered a new approach to repairs.

“This saw a switch of focus to carrying out more pro-active preventative re-surfacing work and semi-permanent repairs on highways defects.

“This means that potholes which aren’t an immediate hazard are scheduled for more permanent repair work which is carried out over a longer-term.”