Plea to owners over dog mess

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THOUSANDS of anti-dog fouling posters appealing for owners to keep streets clean will be sent out following scores of complaints.

Kettering councillor Michael Brown aims to deliver 3,500 leaflets to every house in the All Saints ward which he represents asking people to clean up after their dog.

Cllr Brown said: “At least half of the people I speak to at ward surgeries have dog mess at the top of their agenda.

“It’s a small minority that let their dogs foul in the street but people in the area have had enough of their continuing disgusting actions.

“I’ve heard about parents pushing their prams through mess and children walking through it on the way to school.

“The leaflets will urge people to report offenders with as much information as possible, but also it will thank those in the community that do clear their dog’s mess.”

Dog control orders were altered by Kettering Council last year to give wardens more power to stop dog fouling.

It means pet owners can be issued with fines of £75 if they are caught not cleaning up after their dogs.

Bins have also been placed in the area to help reduce the problem and keep streets and parks cleaner.

Cllr Brown added: “I think enforcement can only take you so far and you need to have more of a cultural shift with the community working to ease the problem.

“We’ve just got to keep chipping away and chipping away at all the factors which cause dog mess and hope to see some kind of effect.

“I don’t think there is anything more we can do except give people the tools and information to stop the problem.”

Cllr Brown will be joined by local residents and county councillor Bill Parker in his endeavours to get the message out.

The group will start delivering the leaflets later this week.