Plea not to park in Wellingborough taxi ranks

Taxi driver Paul Hale
Taxi driver Paul Hale

Drivers have been warned not to park in taxi ranks and endanger people who need to get home after a night out.

Cabbies have complained they aren’t able to wait in their designated parking bays because of the problem.

Wellingborough taxi drivers say the night-time rank opposite Bar Fever in Silver Street is always inaccessible because cars are parked in it.

Barry Liffen, chairman of the Wellingborough Taxi Drivers’ Association, said: “The Silver Street rank was given to us in September 2010, but we can’t get on it. The traffic wardens finish at 10pm but I’m sure it’s an offence to block a taxi rank.”

Northamptonshire County Council has confirmed that following a review by officials to examine whether some lay-bys could be used as night-time ranks, the Silver Street rank will be extended. A new rank will also be introduced in Church Street.

Wellingborough police say they are aware of the issue.

Sgt Sharan Wildman said: “Unauthorised parking in taxi bays cause inconvenience to many different sections of the community.

“This inconsiderate parking displaces genuine vehicles, forcing them to park elsewhere on the street which has caused an obstruction to emergency vehicles, which the police cannot tolerate or allow to continue.

“Enforcement of parking regulations in the taxi bay in Silver Street has been undertaken and will continue, likewise for the new bay in Church Street.

“The locations of the ranks in Silver Street and Church Street were agreed taking into account the safety of those who enjoy a night out in Wellingborough, and are for the benefit of the hackney carriage drivers and their users.”