Plans submitted to create micro-pub in Earls Barton

Plans have been submitted to create a new micro-pub in Earls Barton.
Plans have been submitted to create a new micro-pub in Earls Barton.

Plans have been submitted to transform a photographic studio in Earls Barton into a micro-pub.

If approved, the site at 25 The Square would create two full-time jobs and three part-time jobs.

The application by Pollyanna Hadman would see a low-key pub selling only real ale, cider, wine and soft drinks.

It is not yet known what the site’s opening hours would be, but the application form states they will be considered so as to have minimal impact on the area.

A correspondence from the applicant to Wellingborough Council outlines the pub’s aims and the concept of the new micro-pub craze, with more than 100 now scattered across the country.

The correspondence reads: “All over Great Britain public houses are closing their doors for the last time at an alarming rate.

“The birth of the micro-pub is, in great part, thanks to the 2003 Licensing Act which permits the change of use from a shop to a public house.

“Micro-pubs are a new concept and are fast becoming widely accepted in towns and villages.

“Most of the micro-pubs have been set up in old, small shop premises in order to re-use a building that would otherwise lose money for its owner, whether it’s council or privately owned.

“It’s my aim to be able to put something back into the community and share this, and provide a service for people living in the area and to be a responsible, considerate, community-led business.

“I very much believe that customers of my micro-pub will be keen to use the services of the food establishments nearby and vice versa.

“The health and safety of our customers while on the premises is a high priority as this will ensure all customers visiting will enjoy a safe and friendly environment.”

A decision is expected by December 14 this year.