Plans in for another waste recycling plant in Corby

Plans for a waste recycling plant have been lodged with Corby Council
Plans for a waste recycling plant have been lodged with Corby Council

Plans are in the pipeline for another waste recycling centre for Corby.

Clean Power has submitted plans to Northamptonshire County Council for the centre on the Willowbrook industrial estate.

They have now been lodged with Corby Council.

The new centre would recycle local waste and produce up to 15MW of renewable energy, enough for 15,000 local homes.

The plant would take commercial waste produced by businesses in Northamptonshire and either recycle it or transform it into renewable energy.

A spokesman for Clean Power said: “The scheme is an excellent way to prevent locally produced waste from going to landfill or incinerators.

The centre would maximise recycling rates and produce renewable energy and heat.

“We also hope to create over 30 skilled jobs, which would be a great boost for the local area.”

The proposals include an education centre, where local students and residents could learn about producing renewable energy from waste.

The centre would also include an education facility, where local students and residents can learn about renewable energy from waste.

Clean Power said the site would receive, sort and clean recyclable materials before using Advanced Conversion Technologies to convert organic material into gas.

No waste would be stored on the site and all processing would take place indoors in a sealed environment, preventing noise and smells.