Plans for new Wellingborough crematorium approved tonight

How the new Wellingborough crematorium will look
How the new Wellingborough crematorium will look

Plans for a new £5.5m crematorium in Wellingborough were unanimously approved by councillors tonight.

The project was given outline permission in December 2012 and the detailed plans, covering the design, layout and access, got the go-ahead by Wellingborough Council’s planning committee at a meeting this evening.

How the new Wellingborough crematorium will look

How the new Wellingborough crematorium will look

It is hoped that work will begin on the 11-acre site near Great Doddington in the spring, with the crematorium up and running next year.

Councillors were united in their support for the project.

Speaking before the committee voted, Cllr Martin Griffiths said: “I think it is time that we got this up and running.

“I fully support the proposals.”

Cllr Peter Morrall echoed his support, and said: “We have had long discussions with the undertakers and faith groups to make sure what we are building is as suitable as possible for all those that want to use it.

“I will be very pleased to see this happen and that the residents of Wellingborough will be able to attend this crematorium and not have to go to Kettering.”

Cllr Tim Maguire added: “I can’t wait for it to be opened.”

The idea of a crematorium in the borough was first discussed back in 2011.

A group of seven councillors was given the task of researching the project, including assessing public demand, talking to experts, and visiting other crematoria.

Once the site was purchased and outline permission granted, the councillors were consulted on the design and facilities before plans were drawn up and submitted.

The cost of the project – about £1.3m for the land and £4.2m for the build – is being paid for out of the council’s capital budget, which is money in the bank saved for large projects that benefit the community.

Capital funds can’t by law be used for the running of day-to-day services, but any income generated from capital projects can help fund related services.

The crematorium will be built by construction company Wates, who have committed to using local craftsmen as much as possible.