Plans for new parish council in Corby quashed

The Cube in Corby
The Cube in Corby

A proposal to create a new parish in Corby has been quashed.

Priors Hall will remain in Weldon Parish after a bid to break away was ruled against by councillors on the One Corby Policy Committee.

A petition by disgruntled Priors Hall residents had led the borough council to start a community governance review last autumn but the new parish dreams were vetoed yesterday due to a poor consultation response from residents.

Just two per cent of the 2,798 people surveyed in Priors Hall and Weldon replied and of the 81 respondees, 32 were against the new parish, while 49 were in favour.

At Tuesday night’s meeting (April 10) democractic services manager Paul Goult told the council chamber: “We went out to stage one consultation and the response was very disappointing. I think there is a general sense that some time in the future it is something that should be looked at but it is not something that on the face of it, despite the petition has public support.”

Priors Hall is Corby’s newest and largest housing development and is due to grow to 5,000 homes once completed. Building works on community facilities and shops in the area stalled after the original developer went bust.

Both Weldon Parish council and the Priors Hall Park Residents Association are opposed to creating a new parish at this time.

In a letter to Corby Council, Weldon Parish Council said: “We accept that at some point in the future the size of the parish may become such that something like this needs to be considered, however that is not now. We need to work hard on forging community spirit and not splitting it down the middle.”

And the written response from the residents association said there were more pressing issues than a new parish.

It said: “We have an urgent safety issue which needs addressing, namely the A43. Currently residents of Priors Hall Park cannot access the facilities of Weldon village safely as there is no safe crossing from Priors Hall Park into the village. Many children from both Priors Hall Park and Weldon village itself have to cross that road to access bus stops and Corby Business Academy. Surely it would be better to tackle this issue as one voice?”

A resident who responded in favour of the new parish said: “Part of our council tax goes to Weldon parish, but we don’t see any evidence of it being spent at Priors Hall.”

Another said: “The time is now right for Priors Hall to stand on its own two feet and manage itself and stop subsidising Weldon services.”

The decision comes after a new parish for Little Stanion in Corby was created at the start of this month (April). Elections to fill the parish councillor posts are set to take place on Thursday, May 3.