Plans for new homeless hub in Corby

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Homeless charity Corby Nightlight say they believe they’ve found a shelter where they can make a difference to the town’s problem.

The charity has applied for a change of use of the old Champs Gym in Cannock Road into a homeless hub with community rooms.

Since leaving their home in Elizabeth Street, Nightlight has been running their winter shelter at the Church of St Peter and St Andrew in Beanfield Avenue.

A planning statement from Nightlight co-ordinator Nicola Pell said: “As well as continuing to provide a winter night shelter we plan to open the centre 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

“The night shelter will become a 52-week provision, and we will also offer a daytime drop in and support centre.

“It is intended that no-one in Corby will come across a homeless person and not be able to tell them that our centre is there to help them.

“We aim to not only support homeless people by offering a meal, a shower and a bed but also by enabling them to move on from homelessness if this is their desire.

“Guests will only be able to use the night shelter for a certain amount of time (yet to be decided) and during this time we will draw up an individualised contract with them, which will detail what they can expect from us and indeed what we expect from them.”

Nightlight thought they’d found a new base in Wood Street until the landlord withdrew from the deal, but became aware of the Cannock Road site shortly after.

It’s hoped that, if planning permission is granted, the new site will be open by the autumn.

The charity has always relied on volunteers but is intending to create jobs for local people by applying for funding for at least six members of staff from the Big Lottery Fund.

Since the plans were submitted, 85 comments have been left on the Corby Council website. 80 of these are in support of the application.

Mrs Pell’s statement added: “We hope to make this a real centre of excellence.

“Somewhere that people travel to from all over the country to see what we’re doing and how they can replicate that in their town.

“We want Corby Nightlight to be one of the reasons that people all over the country talk about Corby and what a wonderful place it is.”