Plan to demolish former Kettering hotel withdrawn

The former Buccleuch Hotel, now Zen Spice, in Stamford Road, Kettering
The former Buccleuch Hotel, now Zen Spice, in Stamford Road, Kettering

A plan to demolish a former hotel in Kettering has been withdrawn.

And campaigners who fought to save the Victorian-era building from being demolished say they are not resting on their laurels.

The Kettering Town Preservation Society was formed after plans were lodged by developers Nanco Estates to completely demolish the former Buccleuch Hotel – now the Zen Spice restaurant – in Stamford Road and build 14 flats.

The planners said they would be unable to convert the interior of the building into flats, and that demolishing the site was the only option.

Kettering man Kev Rush, who created the group, said he wanted to help preserve the town’s character, in particular its architecture.

The group attempted to get the Buccleuch Hotel building listed, although their application was ultimately turned down, and their campaign was backed by the Victorian Society.

Kettering Council has now revealed that the applicants had withdrawn their plans.

Mr Rush said: “I was overjoyed when I heard.

“It will be interesting to see if new plans are submitted and what the new application includes.

“If it means changing the inside of the building and keeping the outside, then that is fine as far as the group is concerned – we just don’t want to see the whole thing pulled down.”

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