Places left on the football team

A children's disabled football team have found a sponsor for a new kit after a plea in last week's Telegraph.
A children's disabled football team have found a sponsor for a new kit after a plea in last week's Telegraph.

A children’s disabled football team have had a massive response to an appeal for a sponsor to fund a new kit – after a plea in last week’s Telegraph.

The Wellingborough OGIs asked for sponsorship of around £300 to help fund a new kit because they were playing in a hand-me-down strip and wanted to feel like “a proper team”.

Frank’s, of Wellingborough Road, Northampton, heard about the plea and swooped in to help out the youngsters and will now pay for a new kit,

Claire Bland, 39, whose 15-year-old son Callum plays for the team, said that she had a large number of emails only a few hours after the article was published.

“We have about 10 different emails from 10 different companies, charities, or people who came forward to help.

“I was quite suprised because we’ve been trying for months and the minute it goes in the paper we get a lot, we can’t believe it.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Frank’s and all of those who placed an interest in helping us out.”

Mrs Bland added that she is sure the youngsters and their parents were “delighted” when they were told the good news about getting a new football kit at the last training session on Tuesday night.

The club were created this year and they compete against other disabled football teams from across the county. They have already competed in, and won, their first tournament.

Wellingborough OGIs currently have eight players and their previous hand-me-down strip did not actually fit all the squad members.

However, the owner of Frank’s, Tom Hewer, said that the restaurant was happy to help and they will be sponsoring the team for an entirely new kit.

He added: “We looked into it and we thought it was a good cause to help with.

“We are always happy to help local people or local charities. We do that by sponsorship and we help locally because we employ quite a lot of people.

“This will help people locally and make them happy, so it fits into our ethos really.”

Frank’s has both a steakhouse and a burger restaurant on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton.

The team is now hoping that players can walk out to their next tournament in their brand new kit.