Pizza chain faces backlash after Corby workers given superhero onesies to wear in heatwave

One of the workers in Corby.
One of the workers in Corby.

A number of people have hit out at Domino’s after spotting Corby workers advertising offers while dressed as superheroes in the sun.

Workers carrying sandwich boards dressed as figures such as Spiderman could be seen on the A6003 near the Rockingham roundabout, Cottingham roundabout and Danesholme turn this morning (Tuesday).

Many have taken to Twitter to voice their anger at the ‘exploitation’.

Corby councillor Matt Reay took to social media to say: “Appalled that @Dominos_UK are still exploiting cheap labour in #Corby in temperatures as high as this.

“Won’t be buying from them again.”

Katherine Rutter said: “Seen another one in Corby this morning.

“Padded superhero costume in this heat.

“Absolutely ridiculous.”

Sonia Mathieson said: “@Dominos_UK #corby why do you have people as human signposts wearing padded costumes in 30c+ heat.

“Not a good advert.”

A Domino’s spokesman said workers are encouraged to wear a T-shirt rather than fancy dress on hot days.

The spokesman said: “We employ experienced external contractors to do street promotions.

“We take careful steps to ensure their wellbeing, including regular refreshments and breaks throughout the day.

“They don’t work between 11.30am and 2.30pm, and on hot days, they’re encouraged to stand in the shade wearing a T-shirt, rather than fancy dress.”

Temperatures this week have topped 30 degrees.

Corby Council said they were investigating the welfare of employees.