‘Pioneering’ phone sale service comes to Kettering

The Intellibox NNL-180216-123057005
The Intellibox NNL-180216-123057005

A new way of selling your mobile phone without any human interaction has been launched in Kettering.

The Intellibox service is up and running in the Newlands centre in the town.

All shoppers have to do is place their phone in a drawer in the self-service kiosk and follow the instructions, where they get an instant quote for the sale of their phone.

If shoppers like the price then money is deposited into their bank account or, if they prefer, as an Amazon gift voucher.

If they don’t like the price, the phone is returned to them.

Chief executive officer of Intellibox Som Sinha said: “We are very happy that the ease, speed and reliability of the Intellibox appeals to consumers.

“This is very encouraging for us as we can now look to expand in more locations nationwide.”

The service in the Newlands is one of 40 in the UK.