PICTURE GALLERY: New building to replace dilapidated mobile unit at Corby school

Youngsters outside the new building at Kingswood Primary Academy
Youngsters outside the new building at Kingswood Primary Academy

Staff, pupils and parents are looking forward to using a new building which has been brought in to replace an old, dilapidated mobile.

A new building now stands where the former mobile unit had been in the playground of Kingswood Primary Academy in Corby.

While the mobile had served the school well, principal Wendy Gordon said it had come to the end of its life.

She said: “We had a mobile here before but it was very old and dilapidated.

“Our old building was freezing in the winter and it was like an oven in the summer.

“It’s really lovely in there now.

“We are very excited.”

The mobile unit was taken down ahead of the Easter holidays and by the time pupils returned from the break, the new building had been installed.

The exterior of the building is complete, but there are a few minor issues to sort before the furniture goes back in.

It has solar panels on the roof and the unit is divided into two halves, which should allow it to be used in various formats by all year groups as well as staff and members of the parent teacher association.

Mrs Gordon said: “We are very excited about it and the children are really looking forward to getting in there.

“I think it will be a really lovely space and it has improved the look of the school considerably.”

Mrs Gordon added: “We are going to have a grand opening but we haven’t fixed a date for that yet.”