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A TOTAL of 15 homes in Earls Barton have been given an energy makeover by housing association Wellingborough Homes.

The homes have been “wrapped” in a highly insulated weather resistant skin, thanks to an innovative solution using specially shaped insulation panels and modern thin render.

The work means the homes, in Manor Road and Whitworth Crescent are now more energy efficient for residents.

One of the residents who had the work done on their house was 67-year-old Patrick Nesbitt.

He said: “You can already feel a real difference in the temperature inside, and at the end of the day the disturbance has been all worthwhile.

“We wanted to stay in our home, and now it looks like a new street.

“Visitors are commenting how bright it all looks.”

To complement the external work done to the 15 homes, Wellingborough Homes’ refurbishment contractor Lovell also made kitchen, heating and electrical improvements to the properties.

New windows were installed, brick walls and gates replaced and the rear outhouses re-roofed.