PHOTOS: Aeroplane rally briefly makes Northamptonshire airfield the world’s busiest airport

Sywell Aerodrome
Sywell Aerodrome

An airfield in Northamptonshire became the busiest airport in the world for a short period at the weekend.

The Light Aircraft Association said its three-day rally at Sywell Aerodrome made it busier than even Heathrow Airport at some points during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

More than 800 aircraft weighing under 2.5 tonnes took off and landed to the delight of those on the ground, including a 1915 training biplane.

A B17 flying fortress on its way to Duxford made an unscheduled diversion for a quick flypast.

And a pair of Spitfires were a big draw, even if they did stay grounded.

Steve Slater, a co-organiser, said: “It was a hugely successful event with no significant incidents.

“Sywell, with its all-weather and grass runways, is one of the few places in the country that could have pulled it off.”