Phone shop owner bids to identify shoplifters

02 shop owner Mark Jones is trying to identify alleged shoplifters
02 shop owner Mark Jones is trying to identify alleged shoplifters
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A shop owner is shaming alleged shoplifters in a bid to deter thieves.

CCTV images of alleged shoplifters stealing from the 02 store in Market Street, Wellingborough, will be displayed in the shop’s window. Owner Mark Jones is also offering rewards of £200 for information which leads to a successful conviction of people who target his store.

He said: “If we have suffered a theft we want that person to be caught, and we want to deter others from stealing. As a small business, it costs us a lot of money and many small shops cannot afford it.

“It puts up the prices for everyone, and even though all of our demo-phones are useless and worthless as soon as they leave the store as they are automatically barred, a tiny proportion still think it is acceptable to steal, we want everyone to know it is not.”

Mr Jones is urging anyone with information to call the police on 101.

02 store manager Will Kellock said: “We hope the reward of £200 will encourage people to let the police know the names of anyone stealing, which will make it safer for everyone.”

Other traders in Wellingborough are also in support of the idea.

Maxine Richardson, of Morris Smith Jewellers in High Street, said: “Why should shoplifters get away with it when we have to pay full price. It puts up the overheads to accommodate those that steal.”

Paul Webber, owner of Wellingborough Health Food Shop in Silver Street, said: “Anything that is a deterrent is worth it and should be tried.”

Shopper Barbara Sullivan, of Wellingborough, said: “They should be shamed, it’s the normal shopper that pays the price.”

Inspector Niak Lyall, Wellingborough Sector Commander, said: “We will continue to work with shopkeepers to ensure we stamp out shop theft, which we have already reduced compared to last year. We take the matter seriously and will look to secure positive outcomes when offenders are identified.”