Phone scam warning after reports of caller claiming to be from Wellingborough Council

There have been reports of a phone scam in Wellingborough
There have been reports of a phone scam in Wellingborough

People are being warned about a phone scam following reports of a hoax caller who claims to work for the council asking for bank details.

The warning comes after Wellingborough Council has received a number of calls this week from residents who have reported receiving bogus calls from a man purporting to be from ‘the council’.

The caller has been asking about their recent accident.

In one case, where the lady had, by chance, had an accident in the last 12 months, the caller got as far as asking for bank details, before the lady realised it was a scam and reported it to the council.

In some cases the caller appears to have personal information and is asking for confirmation of details.

The council has confirmed that these calls are in no way connected to the authority and is warning people to be vigilant.

A council spokesman said: “Our officers would not telephone residents regarding an accident or ask them to confirm their bank details over the phone.

“We are urging any residents to be extremely wary of these unscrupulous individuals who may use a variety of tactics to try to get them to part with personal details.”

If people have been a victim of such calls, they should report it via the Action Fraud Line on 0300 123 2040.

This will help police to build a picture of the methods used by scammers and will help in detecting and preventing future occurrences.