Petition calls for safer roads in Weldon

The scene of the most recent accident in November
The scene of the most recent accident in November

A petition calling for safer roads in a village near Corby has attracted the support of hundreds of people.

The campaign was launched after a man was badly hurt when he was hit by a car at a zebra crossing in Stamford Road on Monday, November 24. He was left with serious injuries after the incident outside the George pub.

And the organiser of the petition, Karen Peck, has family experience of the problem, with her mum having been hit at exactly the same spot back in 2005.

Karen said: “Everybody has been really supportive but it’s about making things happen.

“People don’t really use the crossing because it’s so dangerous. It’s in such a stupid place. I think it will take someone dying before they do something about it.

“With about 600 signatures it shows how much people want something done.”

Karen’s mum, who still lives locally, has helped publicise the petition. Karen added: “It’s really shaken her. She’s doing what she can because she knows what it’s like.

“For it to happen in the same place, walking the same way – it’s so similar to my mum and it can’t happen again. I think if it was a child they would be dead by now.”

A county council spokesman said the authority was committed to making Northamptonshire’s roads safer.

The spokesman added: “We work closely with other organisations, especially the police, to identify the causes of accidents on our roads and to work towards possible appropriate solutions.”

Paper petitions have been placed in shops and pubs nearby. It has also been advertised in the school newsletter, Weldon’s Parish Council is acting on safety issues, and MP Andy Sawford has given his backing to the campaign.

To view and sign the petition, which calls for the traffic calming measures in Stamford Road and to make the area near the zebra crossing no-parking, log on to