Pet weddings business boom

THE setting seems perfect – there is a chauffeur-driven car, romantic songs, wedding cake and even a honeymoon suite.

But it is not your typical bride and groom who can be seen strutting down the red-carpeted aisle – it is the four legged type.

Rabbits, cats and dogs have all been joined together in marriage by animal registrar Ann Clark in her back garden in Desborough.

And bookings for the ceremonies at her business Kit Katz are on the up with marriages taking place at the site, on average, every three months.

Last Sunday, nine-year-old Summer, from Corby, saw her rabbit Ellie Snowdrop marry her friend Holly-Ann’s rabbit Chrissie Boy.

The ceremony begins with a champagne breakfast for the human guests. It is followed by the bride rabbit being walked along the red carpet and over to the pagoda to meet the groom for the marriage.

Afterwards the rabbits are taken away in a push car and placed in a wooden honeymoon suite. Songs from Watership Down and ‘Rabbit’ by Chas and Dave are played.

The wedding costs about £500.

Summer, who attends Weldon Primary School, said: “We decided to do it because the rabbits were so close whenever they were together.

“When they met at the wedding they seemed so happy and close, they were sniffing each other a lot.

“It was so worth it, everyone was happy for them.”

Mrs Clark, who also runs a luxury cattery alongside the venture, thinks she is the only person in the country to offer the service.

She said: “When two pets are close I think it is a fun thing for their owners to do.

“For many people their pets are their babies, so it is no different than watching their children marry.”