Pet Health: Your dog can help save others’ lives

Rhea, one of the Veterinary Nurses dogs, after her first donation session
Rhea, one of the Veterinary Nurses dogs, after her first donation session

Vet Darren Storey brings you the latest news from Northlands Veterinary Hospital.

Did you know that dogs can also donate blood to help save lives?

And did you know that one donation of blood from your dog can save the lives of up to four other dogs!

Here at Northlands we work in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank and hold blood collection sessions every four months.

This entails the dog and owner registering with the Pet Blood Bank and they will then get an appointment for a session.

Our next session on April 5, 2014; with many more booked for this year.

To be a donor your dog should:

Be aged between one and eight years old

Weigh more than 25kg

Have a good temperament

Never have travelled abroad

Be up to date on all vaccinations

Be fit and healthy

Not be on any medication

You and your dog will come along to the session at their allotted time where a health check will take place, and a free microchip placed if they have not already got one.

If all is well they will go through to a donation room where about 450ml of your dog’s blood will be drawn.

Once this has happened your dog will be given a drink and a snack and allowed to go home.

The whole session generally takes about 40 minutes to complete, although the actual donation process will take five to 10 minutes.

If you are interested then please watch this short video to give you a better idea of the whole process.

For more information please call the practice on 01536 485543 and ask for Tracey Alderman.