Permit parking puts jobs at risk

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The Bridge Club and Dancing School will not be the only losers if permit-only parking is put into practice in two streets.

There are six shops in Field Street which will all suffer and some, like the Bridge Club and Mash Dancing School and Kettering Koi, might be forced out of business entirely.

The spokesman for Kettering Council suggested customers might use town centre parking which is free after 6.00pm Most of these shops are closed by 6.00pm. Customers of the takeaway would probably go elsewhere rather than walk that far to get food which would then get cold.

Most of the houses in Field Street are at the top end. If they also have shoppers’ parking there then it is understandable that they might want permit only parking. However, at the bottom end of Field Street there are only eight houses and there is seldom trouble with parking.

After the houses there are the shops, then a large disused factory, and then two blocks of flats which have their own very adequate parking.

A solution to the problem would seem to be permit parking only at the busy end of Field Street.

Grange Road is a very quiet street.

There are five bungalows on one side all with their own garage or off-street parking or both. On the other side are 16 small flats with a long lay-by for parking. There are 22 garages behind the flats available to residents in the area.

Residents parking only is not necessary in this area. If it is enforced it will threaten eight businesses and put in jeopardy people’s jobs and livelihoods

Marjorie Henbury

Field Street,