Work to bring Corby park back to former glory continues

Cllr Mark Pengelly and the Cllr Ian Jelley at the start of the first phase of the works
Cllr Mark Pengelly and the Cllr Ian Jelley at the start of the first phase of the works

The next phase in the transformation of a town centre park in Corby has begun.

After studying the park’s heritage and pictures from past years, the new Corby and Kettering Shared Service Ground Maintenance Team are undertaking work to bring the Cottingham Road park back to its former glory.

The latest phase will include the safe removal of six trees that have been identified for removal for safety reasons. These trees will be replaced in the planned planting programme due to take place later in the year.

The council’s main aim for Coronation Park is to create a town centre park where people feel safe to walk, stop and enjoy a the green space as a break from shopping or working.

Coronation Park’s fascinating history shows it was a colourful formal area with gardens and flower beds and this is how the council intends to treat it again over the coming years.

The Shared Service Team will be introducing a new tree management system with a focus to care for the remaining high quality trees and re-build the park’s tree stock around those trees.

The benefits of biodiversity will also be enhanced come planting time by increasing the variety of interesting species of both new trees and flowering planting within the beds.

An enhanced maintenance scheme will be under constant review and will include the community and the Friends of Coronation Park in further planting projects.

Corby Borough Council’s lead member for environment Cllr Mark Pengelly said: “The improvements that have already been made to Coronation Park have made a big difference and have really opened up the space, making it more inviting and accessible for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We have had great feedback from the likes of the Friends of Coronation Park group and we look forward to further work continuing in order to restore this beautiful local green space.”