Wellingborough father finds needle in baby’s milk

The pin which had been pushed into the box of formula milk
The pin which had been pushed into the box of formula milk

A doting dad, who was just about to prepare his daughter’s bottle, was stabbed in the finger by a needle that had been pushed into a box of formula.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, will now have to go through a series of tests in case the needle was infected.

Cow & Gate Milk - First Infant Milk

Cow & Gate Milk - First Infant Milk

His wife had bought the box of Cow and Gate ‘First infant milk’ powder from Tesco in Carina Road, Kettering, and unloaded the shopping in to the kitchen cupbaord as usual.

It was only when the 28-year-old father went to prepare a bottle of milk for his nine-month-old baby girl, using the brand new box, that he noticed anything was wrong.

He said: “It was shocking. I grabbed the milk from the cupboard and it pricked my finger.

“I thought ‘that’s weird’ and saw a piece of metal sticking out from the side of the box - it had made my finger bleed.

The yellow circle shows where the milk container had been punctured

The yellow circle shows where the milk container had been punctured

“I opened the carton, having to break the foil seal because it was a new box, then I emptied out about half of the milk powder into a mixing bowl.

“I could see a needle sticking into the box, it had been stuck though the back of the packet and was about two inches long.

“I rang Cow and Gate and they took some details but they said I needed to take it back to where it was bought.

“I took back the milk back to Tesco in Wellingborough because I didn’t know at the time my wife had bought it in Kettering.

“Tesco in Wellingborough informed Tesco in Kettering and they told me that they have removed all the boxes with the same batch number from the shelves.”

Fortunately, the quick-acting father had not used any of the potentially contaminated powder to make up the bottle of milk.

However, he has been advised to seek medical help for the needle-stick injury.

He added: “I’m going to have to get jabs including for tetanus and maybe for HIV.

“If someone has been doing this on purpose they need to be stopped.

“Luckily, my baby had not consumed any milk made from that powder.”

A Cow and Gate spokewoman said: “We are concerned to hear about this parent’s experience.

“It’s extremely unusual case, and we’re not aware of any other similar cases so parents can be reassured that this is an isolated local incident.

“We’ve offered to help Tesco with their investigations.

“Based on the information provided to us, we do not believe this originated in our factory as all our quality control tests were operating correctly at the time the pack was produced.

“We always want our products to reach parents in the best possible condition.

“Our factory processes include a range of control measures to prevent foreign body contamination, including the use of fine mesh sieves through which the powder is passed before filling.

“The filling lines are enclosed to protect both the packaging and the product from contamination and, once sealed with tamper evidence in place, each pack passes through an X Ray scanner capable of detecting very small foreign objects.

“This precautionary measure is in place on all Cow and Gate milk powder packing lines.

Tesco have also been asked to comment but have not replied yet.