Watch as Wellingborough dad proposes during skydive

Congratulations to the happy couple!

This is the thrilling moment a loved-up Wellingborough dad took the plunge and proposed to his girlfriend while they skydived from 13,000ft.

Jason Pack had planned ahead to create the ultimate romantic scene to top his girlfriend Katie Line’s first ever parachute jump.

He arranged for relatives to hold up giant letters spelling out “Katie Marry Me?” which she saw while hurtling towards the ground.

Katie Marry Me? was held on signs below the plane.

After landing first, Jason dashed over with an engagement ring before getting down on one knee in front of a gobsmacked Katie who touched down moments later.

Luckily, a stunned Katie said “yes” before their family cheered and congratulated the couple.

The adrenaline-pumping proposal was caught on film as Jason and Katie took part in a charity skydive at Sibson Aerodrome on September 5.

Telecommunications worker Jason, 37, said: “I’d arranged with the instructors to land before Katie so I’d have time to prepare the proposal sign.

The moment Jason got down on one knee.

“They went to the extreme of giving me a smaller parachute, spiralling more in the air to get down to the ground quicker and free-falling for longer.

“I then had the family on the ground with some large painted signs and then I just hoped for the best that Katie could read it from the air.”

Heartwarming footage shows Jason rushing up to Katie moments after she landed and getting down on one knee to complete his romantic gesture.

Administrator Katie, 30, said: “I think I just nodded my head to be honest.

The couple during the skydive.

“I think I was too shocked. It was amazing. As I started coming down, I could see all the letters and then obviously I saw Jason running towards me.

“The instructor kept saying to me ‘can you read that sign?’ and at first I didn’t know what he meant so I was looking for road signs but then I spotted my name and it all came together.

“It all kind of just sunk in to one massive shock.

“I have to say it was very romantic of Jason and I’m so impressed it went so well. It took my breath away and is something I’ll never forget.”

The couple, who have three children between them, raised £5,000 for Cransley Hospice in Kettering.

They plan to get married in 2023 when they hope coronavirus restrictions will have eased to allow them to hold a big ceremony with family and friends.

Louise Preedy, community fundraising manger for Cransley Hospice, said: “This was definitely a first for us and we wish Jason and Katie every happiness!

"We are delighted that the jumps could go ahead at last with so many of our fundraising activities cancelled this year.

“Their support will really make a difference, helping us to continue to provide the essential specialist palliative care to patients with complex needs in the north of the county.”