These are the positive things north Northamptonshire people have taken from 300 days of lockdown

It has now been 300 days since the country was first placed in to lockdown on March 23, 2020.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 2:17 pm

We wanted to help spread some happiness because we know our county is a wonderful place full of great people and, even in the most difficult of times, there are always reasons to be cheerful.So, we asked our readers to share with us one positive thing that they have taken from these last 10 months, as all of us have come to appreciate more of the smaller things in life.

Some readers who live abroad have appreciated connection with their elderly relatives virtually while some have welcomed new additions into their lives and have been enjoying being in a newborn baby bubble.

Here’s what they had to say.

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Big sister Millie has been leading the way with baby Elsie and showing her the meaning of her new lockdown life.

Emily Cockerill said her friends at work have kept her positive: “I have the best colleagues who, despite tricky conditions, make me smile and laugh every day.”

Sean Tailby added that connection with his elders while living abroad has been special: “I am in America now. I get to see my dad in a care home once a week on Zoom, also my sisters.”

Rhianne Abbott has been living in a special bubble with her newborn, she said: “Cherish the moments with those you love dearly. Don’t stress too much on things. Things work out eventually. Oh, and the biggest thing I learnt was how to be a mother to our precious baby boy who was born in April 2020 ... I’m still learning. Or, ‘winging it’ as we say these days. However, he is healthy, happy and very much loved.. so we are doing something right.”

Hayley Bird said music has kept her spirits lifted. She said: Kettering Music School - ISM MUSIC Academy continued to do online music lessons and this made my days because I don’t think we realise how music makes us feel.”

The sad milestone, which was marked yesterday, came as people over the age of 70 and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable in England will begin receiving invites for their coronavirus vaccination this week, giving people across the country more hope for the future.

Lauren Gilbert added: “The lockdowns have taught myself and my children that if we all stick together we can laugh, love and appreciate each other more. We have grown closer and stronger together but we miss seeing our other family.”

Rachel Haynes said the great outdoors has boosted her mental health, she said what makes her happy is: “Just seeing nature thrive, enjoying the little things, and making the most of every day.”

Jackie Ross said there is no longer a burden to say yes to everything. “I learnt that you have to stop feeling like you 'ought' to be doing this, or 'ought' to be doing that. If you don’t feel up to something don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Debbie McLeod-Micollari has stuck 14 post-it notes on her door with future family plans on. She added that she is: “Keeping future plans I’ve made with my family and friends, where I see them every day. The [plans] go into 2022 as well, which is 14 positive ways to keep me happy so far.”

Koryn Stone has said watching her eldest daughter Millie, show her baby sister the new way of life has been joyful to watch.

She said: “Elsie has not known anything else but masks, distance and has barely spent any time with her family but her sister, mummy and daddy.“I could be mad because she's been robbed of so much compared to Millie but I'm actually forever grateful that I've got to spend more time with both my babies. It's hard, it's frustrating and it's lonely but as long as I have these two girls I’ll forever be happy.”