Revealed: The percentage of primary and secondary schools in Northants that Ofsted has rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’

Ofsted has released statistics that reveal how many schools in Northamptonshire have been awarded one of the top two inspection marks.

The statistics that relate to the 12 months between August 31, 2018 to August 31, 2019 show an increase in the amount of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ secondary schools in the county.

Sixty-seven per cent of secondary schools were given one of the two highest grades, which is a four per cent increase from the year before.

For primary schools, there was a decrease of two per cent.

80 per cent of primary schools in Northamptonshire are ranked 'good' or 'outstanding'.

There are now 80 per cent of primary schools ranked ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’, but during the previous year there was 82 per cent.

Ofsted were also able to reveal that across Northamptonshire 60 per cent of key stage two pupils were reaching the expected standards for maths and reading combined.

Katrina Gueli, Ofsted director for the east midlands said: “There is much we can celebrate in the East midlands, with many good and outstanding schools, colleges, nurseries and childminders, providing a quality education in a safe and inclusive environment.”

Although there was also cause for concern in Northamptonshire due to the rating the council’s children’s services received.

Ms Gueli added: “I am concerned about Northamptonshire Council Children’s Services, which received an inadequate rating in July last year. We will continue to monitor their progress closely.”

Three per cent of schools in Northamptonshire are also considered to be ‘stuck’, which means those schools have been unable to secure a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for a number of years.

Ms Gueli added: “An area of concern for Ofsted, and of mine, is the number of schools that have been unable to secure a good or outstanding rating over a number of years and inspections, sometimes referred to as ‘stuck schools’.

“We recently published research on this issue and I am hopeful the findings from this research will prove helpful to schools in breaking the cycle and achieve a good or outstanding rating.

“The past year has seen some excellent achievements across the region but there is more work to be done to make sure all learners in the East Midlands are being given the best opportunity to achieve their potential.”