Proud Corby community rally to defend town as it's voted as seventh 'worst place to live' in England

The poll was voted for by 110,172 readers of website iLive Here

By Alison Bagley
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 1:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 2:25 pm

Corby residents have defended their home town after it was placed in the top ten of the latest 'worst places to live in England' poll, carried out by 'entertainment' website iLive Here.

Voted for by 110,172 readers, the poll left Corby at seventh behind Aylesbury, Huddersfield, Luton, Liverpool, Peterborough and Bolton - Jaywick near Clacton-on-sea, Slough and Bradford completed the top ten.

In the Facebook poll the readers chose booming Corby to make a return to the ignominious list after a decade, with 'citations' listing all that they thought was bad.

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Corby - The Corby Cube

Comments said that Corby was like 'Grand Theft Auto', pointing out the number of dirt bikes being driving in the town.

Another was not impressed by the shops saying: "Corby is a ch4v’s [sic] palace, the greatest shops known to mankind: Poundland, Argos, fish and chip shops and don’t forget the kebabs"

They added sarcastically: "Shops fit for a King."

Having a go at women in Corby one said: "[They] are ugly, have stupid hair, and could compete for the Gobbiest Minger Award."

Rap artist RB Capone - Ryan Bruce

Defending the town in which she's lived since she was 11, Corby hairdresser Stacey Fotheringham agreed that residents might be 'gobby' but it was for a good reason.

She said: "We're pretty gobby but that's because we are strong and independent and as for stupid hair that's rubbish - the town has more hairdressers than anywhere I know.

"I think that life is what you make it. If you surround yourself with positive things and people that's what makes a place.

"We have businesses that bring people into the town. We have businesses that have expanded into the nearby towns - like Butterwick.

Willow Place shopping centre is a popular Corby destination

"There's a great community network. Corby is a lovely town to live in. I really enjoy living here."

Ryan Bruce, aka RB Capone, has worked in the town as a rap artist producing songs extolling the upside of Corby in his track 'Small Town 01536 (That's Corby)', name-checking the Corby Cube and the town's estates.

Mr Bruce will release his album Welcome to the Capone Zone next month.

He said: "People overlook Corby. It's a great place to live. People like to label Corby, but it's got a good community and some amazingly talented musicians - I want people to see it from that angle. It is what you make it. I believe in Corby and the people of Corby. There's so much potential."

Butterwick cakery has been a huge success story for the town

Community first responder volunteer and trainee paramedic Stacey Price has lived in the town all her life.

She said: "Corby is one of the friendliest places there is. There are good schools. We are central and there's a good train service to London.

"I'm proud to be from Corby - it's a great place."

But Corby is not just loved by those who have lived there all their lives.

Film maker Paul Balmer moved to the new Oakley Vale estate in 2007 and set up a community group that helps with litter picks, and founded Corby Sculpture Park.

He said: "A place is made of its people. I came here in 2007 well aware of it's reputation - it's not lived 'up' to it.

"What impresses me is people who create something from very little - like Lakelands Hospice and Adrenaline Alley. Where there was nothing before and make it happen.

"I've lived in London, and Africa and worked in Sydney. It's not about bricks and mortar, it's the people."

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