Oundle Refill Revolution fighting to send waste packing

Oundle Refill Revolution
Oundle Refill Revolution

A pop-up business in Oundle is to expand its service supplying environmentally-friendly, sustainably-sourced goods without packaging.

Refill Revolution Oundle has been using premises at Oundle Wharf to to promote zero-waste shopping.

Oundle Refill Revolution NNL-190813-173046005

Oundle Refill Revolution NNL-190813-173046005

Launched in May, the shop was set up by Camilla Sherwin under the guidance and expertise of Refill Revolution Market Harborough founder Beth Lambert.

Customers use their own containers to stock up on dried foods, spices, tea, coffee, hair care, body wash and household cleaning liquids as well as buy other reusable, environmentally friendly household items.

Having started as a fortnightly ‘pop-up’ to judge customer demand, Refill Revolution Oundle has proved so successful the shop will open weekly from next month.

Camilla said: “We had been opening fortnightly, two days a week but now we will be opening weekly, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Oundle Refill Revolution

Oundle Refill Revolution

“It’s been very popular and gone very well but being pop-up meant we had to pack up and down every time we opened.

“Having a permenant base will make it easier to manage.”

Camilla has worked in waste and recycling all her working life and studied sustainability through Cambridge University.

She added: “We need to be wiser about using the Earth’s resources.

Oundle Refill Revolution NNL-190813-173122005

Oundle Refill Revolution NNL-190813-173122005

“I’m very conscious of the resources I use across all aspects of my life - I think about where my food comes from and have cut down eating meat.

“At Refill Revolution a great deal of time is spent checking the supply chain.

“Each product has been carefully sourced and its environmental credentials checked out; there is no point in solving one environmental issue if you are contributing to another.”

Camilla believes that the store has also acted as a catalyst for the greener activity in the area, providing an opportunity for customers to share conversations in the town.

Several other initiatives have also been working in the town under the Oundle Waste Less (OWL) banner.

The OWL project launched by environmental organisation Transition Oundle aims to provide local solutions to these global issues.

OWL, which has been awarded National Lottery and East Northants Resource Management Facility Funding, wants to encourage people to make simple changes to how they use goods to reduce unnecessary waste, which in turn will reduce their impact on the environment.

Project activities already under way include: Refill East Northants - a drinking water scheme; The OWL Talks - a series of environmentally-themed discussions; The OWL Fund - small amounts of funding for ‘waste less’ projects; OLIO (an app for sharing food surpluses), LiftShare (promotes shared car journeys) and swishing events (clothes swaps) as well as working with local businesses to reduce waste.

Full details are available on www.transitionoundle.org.uk on the Oundle Waste Less page, or on the @OundleWasteLess Facebook page.

Alternatively, email owl@transitionoundle.org.uk to ask specific questions.

Refill Revolution Oundle will be open on Friday, August 16, from 9am to 4pm and and Saturday, August 17, from 9am to 2pm at Oundle Wharf beside the Nene Valley Brewery.

The service will be opening weekly from late September at the Wharf.

For further details go to Facebook Refill Revolution Oundle.